Have a Blast with a Key West Tour

Posted by www.MiamiToKeyWestShuttle.com on 19th Dec 2015

Have a Blast with a Key West Tour

If it’s quite a long time since the last time you had planned a vacation, then it’s high time you start planning for

one. And at this point of time, you can give a thought to Key West tour and see some of the beautiful sights

ever! There are several things to see and do in Key West. And, with so many hidden treasures and vibrant

locales to see and interact with, usually a one-time visit to this tropical island seems insufficient.

For an inspiring and exquisite Keys vacation, start exploring its attractions today. Whether it’s the secluded

natural areas, unanticipated emporiums or famous spots, you’ll surely get a slice of everything here. However,

before planning a Key West tour, ensure considering the following things:


For a stress free vacation, you need to make your reservations well in advance. Make sure to bank on the

services of authorized vacation rental, which would attend to your travel needs. We are a professional tour

operator that ensures you don’t have any hassles while planning your tour.

Transportation Choices

Those interested in a road trip to Key West can follow the scenic route that is adorned with 42 bridges. But

then, chances are quite likely that the road will be slightly congested during peak hours. For a safe and relaxed

drive, you may plan your travel during the off-peak hours.

On the flip side, if you are taking a flight, then go for scheduled commercial flights. After you reach the airport,

there are several transportation choices waiting for you like public buses, group shuttles and ferry.

What to See- The Exquisite Choices

While most tours take you to famous yet common Key West attractions such as Dry Tortugas National Park,

Little White House, Mallory Square, Maritime Heritage Museum and Hemingway House, there are certain

tours, which take you to the hidden wonders of Key West. There are several unexpected treasures to see such as

the renowned West Martello Tower- the Civil War era fort.

Today the fort is famous as the headquarters for the Key West Garden Club. Step into the fort and you’ll fall in

love with its rare palm trees and native plants and it is great to see them blossoming against the tattered brick

fort. Other things that lure you to this fort are a big tree grown over a tapered tunnel-like portico where you may

actually walk through.

If you are in love with the exceptional shops in Key West, then don’t forget to drop by a “curiosity store” called

90 Miles to Cuba. Here, you’ll find everything from nautical antiques to local art, Hardy Boys books to antique

jewelry. And, if you want to take back something rare then this place will not disappoint you either.

Leave aside your mundane for a while and plan for a Key West tour soon. A visit to this tropical island will

leave you enthralled and re-energized. For promising tours and packages, make sure to call us soon. Our custom

tour packages are a sagacious way to explore the island city on your own pace.