Key West Tour: Getting out of the Island City for a Day

Posted by on 24th Dec 2015

Key West Tour: Getting out of the Island City for a Day

Key West- the name itself brings memories of fresh air, beautiful sun rays, golden beaches, and loads more.

And when you have witnessed these and more, it’s time to get away from the tiny island and spend a day or two

on the Lower Keys where there’s lots of fascinating things to do.

The Trip Begins

Consider Publix in Key West as your first stopover. From here, you can make a move to Highway 1 to

Sugarloaf Key, coming off the major road onto Sugarloaf Blvd. and drive for a couple of miles amidst the


Traveling through the dense mangroves has its own charm and promises to show you the hidden treasures of

nature. In fact, most vacationers believe that there is a lot more to seen in the Florida Keys than just Key West.

The Keys archipelago is stretched over 200 miles and houses 823 islands to explore.

Driving along the Florida Keys

Driving the Florida Keys is a fantastic, incredible and striking experience. For 50% of the drive you’ll be stuck

by the overwhelming beauty of the landscape and seascape. Plan for your dream ride and get immersed in its

intense beauty with eternal vistas of mangrove, sea, and clouds.

Heading to a narrow strip of land, which is engulfed by surprising oceanic views is a joy in itself. En route you

can stop by two popular beaches like:

Bahia Honda State Park - MM36

If you have always longed for some beach treasures, then this is the place to be. This large beach is about a mile

long. Often busy in peak season, the beach lures vacationers and locals alike.

Curry Hammock State Park - MM56

This is comparatively a quiet place; hence you can also term this as a hidden gem. Away from the hustle and

bustle of city life, it is a great place if you want to spend some time with yourself. It's a small state park and a

tiny beach that never fails to amuse its visitors.

On the other hand, if you are not too enthusiastic about the beaches, then you can stop by:

Theater of the Sea - MM 84

It's a storehouse of shows - sea lions, dolphins, plus loads of fish, and turtles. And if you have always longed to

see an exotic bird show then this is the place to be. It's an extremely understated and small version of Sea

World. For an amazing experience, make sure to see all the shows.

Flying to Key West

Key West International Airport is quite small and about 2 miles from Duval Street and the city center. After you

land, you can take a cab to reach your hotel. Spend some days exploring the beauty of the island and then head

for the nearby attractions and destinations.

Key West and its mesmerizing surroundings will not disappoint anybody. Plan your vacation to this amazing

island city and create memories of a lifetime. And for exclusive tours and packages to Key West we are only a

call away.