Miami to Key West – Paradise made easier to Reach

Posted by on 25th Dec 2015

Miami to Key West – Paradise made easier to Reach

Without doubt Miami is one of the most desired seaside vacation hotspots in the Sunshine State. It promises a

vibrant nightlife, exotic culture, and the opportunity to mix with friendly locals at the glamorous beaches. Only

a few hours away is Key West. The vibe here is in stark contrast to Miami so no surprises for guessing that life

is more laid back.

For the most part, Key West is all about long drives and slow sunsets, which is not surprising that many tourists

flock to Key West when they have had their fill of the Magic City. And if you are one among that discerning

crowd then these travel tips will definitely help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Getting There

Driving from Miami to Key West is probably the best way to experience the natural beauty of the region. You

could rent a car, bus or shuttle. Miami airport has daily flights leaving for Key West and if you are game for an

adventurous journey in a small plane known as a 'puddle jumper' then this is the easiest and definitely the fastest

way to get to your destination.

Among the shuttle services, the Keys Airport Shuttle ferries passengers from Miami airport to the Keys

although there are many other local public buses also available. Greyhound also operates daily shuttles from

Miami Airport to the Keys.

Key West Attractions

To say that the Keys is blessed with the most stunning sights would be an understatement. Crocodile crossings

are common while the names of the places sound like they have been taken straight out of a poetry book.

Sugarloaf Key and Indian Key are some of the names that are not just suggestive of a relaxed temperate

vacation but are rich in history and nature as well. You ought to make your way across 7 Mile Bridge that

connects Knight’s Key in Marathon with Little Duck Key in the Lower Keys for an experience of a lifetime.

There are a string of keys on this route where each key offers something unique. Lush mangroves, causeways,

small and big islands dot the route. The only living coral reef in the North American continent is found near

Key Largo, which is a major destination for divers and snorkelers.

Other tourist destinations include the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory which is an indoor sanctuary

replete with waterfalls, flamingos, bromeliads, orchids, and clouds of butterflies. The Vandenberg wreck that

offers a trip inside a ship that sank in 2009, and the Ernest Hemmingway Home and Museum, a must see for

literature enthusiasts, are some of the other Key West attractions worth a visit.

Sloppy Joe's bar, which was Hemingway's favorite haunt in his pre-WWII days, is well worth a visit. The site of

the original Sloppy Joe's – Captain Tony's Saloon – is just a few blocks away as well.

Overall, the Keys is a refreshing mix of old world charm and contemporary sensibilities. We recommend a trip

to the island as the perfect way to cap off a trip to Florida.

There are many more things we could do if you are in the process of planning a trip. Call us and we can arrange

some of the best Key West tours so that you can enjoy a memorable vacation.