Special Thrills of Miami for a Key West Bus Tour

Posted by www.MiamiToKeyWestShuttle.com on 15th Feb 2016

Special Thrills of Miami for a Key West Bus Tour

Replete with thrills Miami to Key West bus tours, focus on the destination city and the great route that has to be

traversed to get to it. Here is what you can expect in terms of thrills when you are travelling on Miami to Key

West bus tours.

Spectacular sights and sound fill your senses on Miami to Key West bus tours

Try as you may, you will not be able to escape the lovely sights and sounds that permeate Miami to Key West

Bus tours and as soon as you step on board these offerings you will become acutely aware of them.

As Miami to Key West bus tours kick off you will find that they are an immersive experience because you

never have to bother about driving, instead you can relax in a luxury seat and watch the beautiful water and

islands pass your by. Also as the vehicles used for Miami to Key West bus tours are some of the most modern

in the world, and you get a wonderful wide angle view through the windows and these will keep you captivated.

Here miles of green and blue sea water will vie for your attention as you pass through islands with swaying

palms and then make your way onto stunning bridges. As you pass along these engineering marvels of which

there are 42 lining the route, you will become aware that several have been renovated recently and come with

wider spans. In fact the Seven Mile Bridge is a standout among these as it sometimes appears to be a highway

passing through the sea.

A thrilling city is the focus of Miami to Key West bus tours

Key West lies at the end of Miami to Key West bus tours and its beautiful Caribbean atmosphere will captivate

you as soon as you pass into its streets. Here as you proceed to the tourist center of Duval Street you will find

that the area is filled with terrific shopping and restaurants and you will never be far from excellent seafood.

Walking past historic homes that line the sidewalk you will be able to learn a lot about the wrecking industry

that was the main source of income in the region and how famous treasures were unearthed from shipwrecks.

While some of the treasures that were salvaged were sold, you can see some of the most recent finds including

the massive amount of gold and emeralds found in the Spanish ship “Senora Nuestra de Atoch” which sank in

the year 1622. These and more are displayed in the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum which you can visit after you

have walked among the six toed cats that stay in the Ernest Hemingway Museum which was once served as

home to the author.

With Miami to Key West bus tours, you will get enough of time to visit the most important parts of the city and

even spend time exploring the waters around the area on snorkeling and diving tours. Importantly this goes to

show that thrills on Miami to Key West bus tours are not hard to find.