The Best Key West 1 Day Tour Known to Humankind

Posted by on 20th Jan 2016

The Best Key West 1 Day Tour Known to Humankind

Key West is a petite island, however with loads of things to do, to see, to buy, and to marvel at, it turns out to 

be a dream destination for many. An increasing number of vacationers prefer visiting the island city via a cruise

ship and get to spend some precious hours ashore! If you too are running short of time, then make sure to take 

a Key West 1 day tour and explore some of the amazing sights ever!

Take a Beach Stroll

Key West has a lot to offer other than its beaches. However, if you are on a holiday, then make sure to sink your

toes into some sand. And when talking about the beaches, you’ll find that sugar-white sands lure an active

morning crowd to Smathers Beach. If you are a runner or a biker, then you’ll certainly consider this to be the

best place ever. Located on the southern end of the island, you won’t find much difficulty in getting into this

beach. And if you want to get into the waters, then ensure renting the best equipment ever.

Enjoy an Island Style Brunch

Drop in at Blue Heaven—the famous breakfast spot! You may order the Lobster Benedict or the everyday

unique seafood omelet. You may also spare some crumbs of homespun banana bread for the isle’s gracious

mascots; the officially protected hens and roosters.

Take a Beach Cruiser Joy Ride

While a scooter, cab, shuttle and bus takes you to the best land attractions, a beach cruiser can help you 

explore the amazing marine life. Rent a beach cruiser and explore something unique on your vacation.

Spend Time with Hemingway’s Cats

The dozens of felines, which roam about freely in the Hemingway Home & Museum, are supposed to be the

offspring of Snowball, a six-toed cat that a sea captain gifted to Hemingway’s sons. Meet the cats and spend

some amazing time exploring the riches of this Spanish Colonial residence where the writer lived throughout

the 1930s.

Enjoy Local Flavors

Try out lip smacking organic, natural fare at Help Yourself! Tantalize your taste buds with Korean BBQ

chicken and healthy smoothies…you’ll love them all.

Discover Underwater Gardens

When in Key West, you don’t have to restrict yourself to scuba diving. Instead, you can also try out adventure

sports like snuba diving. Here, you can see some brightly colored butterfly fish. You do not need any diving

certification to try this out.

Watch the Blissful Sunset

Join the happening crowd at Mallory Square and see the sun changing its colors to orange, red, and yellow. If

you’re fortunate, you may also spot the fabled green flash that is believed to occur the very moment the sun

sinks below the soggy horizon.

Key West has all possible ingredients to keep you engaged. If planned appropriately, you can make your one

day tour a memorable one. For promising tours and packages, we are only a call away. Our tours have been

designed keeping in mind the taste of even the most discerning traveler.