Why are the Miami to Key West bus tours so popular?

Posted by www.MiamiToKeyWestShuttle.com on 27th Feb 2016

Why are the Miami to Key West bus tours so popular?

Contrary to popular belief, Key West is not a vacation spot only for the rich and famous. While it is true that

Key West has some of the best luxury resorts, marinas, and restaurants, it’s also true that Key West has

something for everyone, even the visitor who has a small budget.

Did you know that you can enjoy a trip to Key West and take in all its awesome beauty for just around $30?

That’s how much the average Miami to Key West bus tours, cost. There are many tour operators in Miami who

offer this wonderful holiday package that is now becoming the #1 holiday option for anyone visiting Miami.

If you take a closer look at what these Miami to Key West bus tours offer, you’ll understand why they are so


Great for those who can’t spend a week-end or a whole week

Imagine you’ve come to Miami and really enjoyed your stay here. You’ve seen all the sights and enjoyed all the

action – the shopping at the bayside mall, the art festivals, and the sun and sands at the beaches… and you have

to go back home tomorrow. You still have a whole day left today and want to make the most of it. Why not opt

for a Miami to Key West bus tour?

You’ll love the hundred mile plus ride in air conditioned comfort down the unique Overseas Highway. You are

bound to enjoy that scenic ride across 100s of miles of aquamarine water. You will love the scenery of the 42

bridges you cross. One of them is the historic seven mile bridge.

And you’ll get a whole day to spend at Key West taking in the sights, enjoying fun activities, tasting the cuisine,

meeting great people and just having a bit of leisurely fun. It’s not a fast paced, rushed holiday of running from

one sightseeing spot to another.

That would be absolutely out of sync with the wonderful laid back, relaxed atmosphere and lifestyle that the

Florida Keys is so famous for. Of course, the cost of the bust tour does not include the cost of any activities

meals or entertainment that you might want to enjoy while you are at Key West. But then, the flip side of coin is

that you only pay for what ‘you’ chose to enjoy while you are at Key West.

A relaxed day full of sight-seeing and fun activities at Key West

In keeping with this lifestyle, you can choose from the sights that ‘you’ would like to see and the activities that

‘you’ enjoy the most.

Would you like to do a walking tour of the historic Old Town district? This is where the early settlers came to

make their fortunes. They were mostly immigrants from the Bahamas. Many were refugees from Cuba who set

up factories where Cuban cigars were hand rolled. As you walk around the town, you’ll see the Cuban influence

around you. Perhaps you would like to visit the San Carlos Institute?

You can’t miss this imposing piece of Spanish architecture that looks like a Cathedral but is actually a center for

performing arts. It was once also the center of the Cuban revolution. This is where the revolutionaries met and

planned their freedom movement. Or perhaps you are more light hearted and would like to dance the Salsa and

munch on a Cuban sandwich and sip Cuban Coffee. That latte is something you will never forget.

Interested in early American history? Visit the Harry Truman Little White house. Take a look at his famous “the

buck stops here” plaque which sits at his desk. This is the place where he came to recover is failing health and

find solutions to the post world war problem facing the US and the world, at that time.

A visit to some of the old houses can be just as nostalgic. Captain Geiger’s home, or the Audubon house as they

sometime call it, is a museum that captures the pioneering spirit of that era. The Captain’s garden is a wonderful

collection of tropical plants from all over the world. No wonder the ornithologist and artist John Audubon loved

to sit in this garden and sketch pictures for his famous book – ‘The Birds of America.’

Perhaps you would like to do a short scuba dive and hunt for Lionfish, or maybe even sunken treasure, or you

just want to spend time shopping for souvenirs. You’ll find it tough to choose which conch shell to buy and take

back, especially if you’ve learnt how to blow one.

There’s so much to do and see at Key West, that’s precisely why the Miami to Key West bus tours are so

popular. I bet you never believed you get so much at such a low cost.

To make sure your Miami to Key West bus tours include a lot of interesting sight-seeing of historic Old Town

district and a lot of fun activities. Call us. We’ll help you choose the best from among the many Miami to Key

West bus tours.