Looking for Miami to Key West transportation?

Posted by www.MiamiToKeyWestShuttle.com on 17th Mar 2016

Looking for Miami to Key West transportation?

A visit to Miami is incomplete without a trip to Key West. After you’ve seen all the sights at Miami, after

you’ve done your shopping at the Bayside Mall, after you’ve done your Segway tours of the Miami

waterfront… you can’t help but feel tempted to take a short trip to Key West, can you? Here’s some tips related

to your Miami to Key West transportation.

There are really so many ways to get from Miami to Key West. Here are some options.

Miami to Key West, by Bus

Miami to Key West Day Tours – The buses depart every day, from the airport, or even from Miami Beach.

Some operators will even pick you up from your hotel. They all usually depart at 6:30 am. These are

comfortable air-conditioned coaches with large windows and a tour guide who will regale you will narrations of

each site you pass.

The ride down the Overseas Highway is very scenic. It’s also historic. The highway was originally a railway

line – the Henry Flagler railway line. It was destroyed in the 1935 Labor Day hurricane. That’s when the State

of Florida took over and built the Overseas Highway that you will drive along. Along the way, will pass almost

44 bridges and cross several State Parks and Keys.

It takes about 3 and a half hours to reach Key West. You then get the whole day to spend sight-seeing at Key

West or enjoying the activities – watersport or otherwise. Most folk spend the day around the Sea Port or they

do the historic tour of old houses. There are many great restaurants and food stalls where you can get your

afternoon meal – seafood or veggies. Your bus will do the return journey in the evening, check with your tour

operator foe exact timings

Keys Shuttle – This Company, provides door to door service. It also has fixed stops along the way where you

can either get off or gen on. Fares depend on where you get on and where you get off.

You can also avail of the Greyhound services to and from Key West. Additionally, there are a number of Public

Buses also available.

The Benefits of going to Key West by Bus

Some of the reasons why people prefer to take a bus or shuttle service are quite obvious. The traffic on the

highway is fast and it sometimes gets quite crowded. If you are driving yourself, you have to keep your eyes on

the road and your hand upon the wheel. So you can’t really enjoy that beautiful, scenic highway as much as

when you sit back in your luxury seat in a large bus and let someone else do the driving for you. What’s more

the tour guides narrations can be interesting, and funny too.

Parking at Key West isn’t easy either. Just finding a spot to park which is safe and convenient is tough, and

expensive. There are almost no free parking spots in downtown Key West.

And if you think these tours are busy-busy, rushed tours, think again. You get a whole day to spend at Key West

before the bus begins its return journey back to Miami. That’s ample time to see a lot of Key West. In fact,

there’s enough time to catch a shuttle back to Islamorada and watch a live dolphin show at the Theater of the

Sea, located there.

No doubt, there’s nothing quite like spending a week-end at Key West, or if you are really lucky, a whole week.

Especially if you are the kind of traveler who would love an overnight camping trip at one of the State Parks

located here. But if that’s not possible, you will enjoy a day trip just as much. Thanks to the many choices of

Miami to Key West transportation that are now available for you.